Meet Lucie Hansom, CPB

Lucie Hansom is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper offering bookkeeping, office management, and business administration for over 20 years. Lucie has also been providing personal and


small business income tax preparation since 2009.

What this translates into for the small business owner is that I can quickly assess your administrative and reporting requirements and help you realize cost-effective, workable solutions to better manage your business.

Work experience includes providing:

  • a full range of administrative and accounting/bookkeeping services
  • budgeting and cost analysis
  • office organization
  • policy and procedure development
  • information and technical support
  • staff training and supervision
  • small business tax preparation

"I bring a wide variety of strong personal skills to my job including dedication, hard work, and commitment.
I am very detail-oriented and stay focused on the task."

Bookkeeping is probably one of the most misunderstood assets for many businesses. A well-managed set of records helps your company threefold:

  • Accurate bookkeeping allows you to better understand and evaluate your business’ financial health.
  • Record-keeping helps you identify the sources of your income, manage your operating expenses, and keep on top of your cash flow.
  • Keeping your bookkeeping current is essential for keeping on top of your government remittances (payroll, HST, and corporate taxes). Avoid paying costly penalties by filing your remittance on time.

“I stand out from other bookkeepers because I listen carefully to my clients.”

As a Tax Service Specialist DFA and Certified Personal Tax Practitioner, I specialize in personal taxes, home-based business, and small businesses including proprietorships, partnerships, and professionals.

I provide a comprehensive range of income tax and e-file services.  These include filing your Personal tax Returns for up to the past 10 years, including making an adjustment to previously filed tax returns.  If a family member has passed away, I can help with his/her final return.

Other services include:

  • Employees or commissioned salespersons - employment expenses and GST employee/partner rebate.  
  • Transport industry employees - meal and lodging expenses.  
  • Small business owners and professionals - business statements and home office expense
  • Rental Properties – rental income statement
  • Represent a Client – should you need help sorting through your tax situation
  • Business Consent  - should you have any business issues that need to be worked out with CRA

“My goal is to provide you with an audit-proof tax return.”

Office Organization is also essential for all businesses, no matter what the size. For many entrepreneurs, this important element is often underdeveloped or non-existent as it takes away from your valuable time generating sales and revenue. The best way to ensuring that your current procedures support your business needs is to build a solid foundation of administrative processes. This usually means going back to the basics and building the solid foundation needed to better manage your routine business requirements. With a solid footing and good business administration, you will have more success growing your business.

 “I can help you be prepared for the next business opportunity”