Tax Services

In a 2011 study, it was found that 98 per cent of all businesses in BC are small businesses providing employment for over 1 million people. That works out to nearly 57% of all private sector jobs within the province.  Small Business’, including Professionals and the Self Employed face many challenges, as most have very limited resources.  Below are several links to getting the resources needed to comply with government regulations and requirements, including filing your tax return.

Self-employment income 
Lines 135 to 143 - Net 
Lines 162 to 170 – Gross

Sole proprietorships and partnerships 
Information for self-employed business owners and partnerships.

Business expenses 
Common business expenses.

Income taxes 
Types of income and expenses, choosing fiscal periods, accounting for earnings.

E-services for businesses 
Filing returns, making remittances, registering a business, payroll deductions, refunds and payments.

My Business Account 
Convenient and secure online access to your personalized business account information and services.

Important dates for businesses 
Filing and remitting deadlines for GST/HST, income taxes, payroll, information slips, etc.

Tax information videos, events, seminars, and tax preparation clinics 
Events and seminars provided by the CRA for business clients across Canada.

Other resources 
Employer Visits Program, rulings, seminars, help for taxpayers with a hearing or visual disability or speech disorder, and more.

There are several Forms and publications available to assist you:

Guide RC4110, Employee or Self-employed?