SUM Bookkeeping & Office Services provides small business owners and entrepreneurs with business services ranging from general bookkeeping services, government remittances, and year-end preparation.  We work closely with business owners and their staff to ensure the best quality service and value is provided for your money.

Bookkeeping Services

Business owners and entrepreneurs often struggle to do it all. We can help you put in place the financial and administrative structures YOU need to effectively operate your business while maintaining the level of operation you need to grow your business.

SUM Bookkeeping & Office ServicesSUM Bookkeeping & Office Services is here to help you develop and strengthen those business structures by establishing simple and effective financial and administrative processes that fit into your business model. SUM Bookkeeping & Office Services owner Lucie Hansom brings with her over 20 years of bookkeeping expertise and business management skills. "I am committed to providing the right mix of services YOU need to fit your budget at a level of quality that will surprise you."

SUM Bookkeeping & Office Services understands that the most cost-effective method of providing these services is by performing them at our office location. This can be accomplished using traditional pickup and delivery services or through our secure online file transfer. For those businesses that prefer on-site services, we will take the time to find the right person to work with you in your business.

All services are available on a contract basis. You only pay for what you need – no more and no less. Save big by working with experienced outside experts. It’s more cost-effective than you think.

Personal and Small Business Taxes

SUM Bookkeeping & Office Services now offers Tax filing for Individuals and Families, and Businesses and Entrepreneurs.  Lucie Hansom holds a certificate Distinguished Financial Advisor (DFA) Tax Services Specialist and is a Certified Personal Tax Practitioner (diploma).  She has registered with the Canada Revenue Agency to E-file all eligible tax returns.  Lucie is also registered as a Represent a Client which allows her to deal with CRA on your behalf should you request it.

Office Services

All businesses, no matter their size and structure, require strong office support and organization to function properly.  There are many areas of office administration and organization that a business needs to focus on at some point and time.  It often gets substantially more complicated the moment you hire your first employee or begin have people working for you.  While this is seldom the cause of your business’ administrative dilemma, it is often the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  This demonstrates that your business needs these important processes in place the sooner the better.

Lucie Hansom brings many years’ experience as an office manager and policy and procedures writer to help your business identify its strengths and weaknesses, and develop workable solutions for your business.

SUM up your needs and give us a call at 604-845-0493 or use our Contact Us page. Together we can discuss how we can be of assistance to you.

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